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what’s going on guys my name is Garrett. today we’re planning a fluttering we’re playing slithered io with my girlfriend Lea hi liya hai now leah is in the same IP as me. right now is you guys in the top right I am in well now . i’m  in third place I was just in second place we are currently a length of 20 4846. we’re pretty freaking big we’re doing a good job right we’re doing a great job Leah are you even how big are you I am currently 78 that’s a struggle babe yes that’s a real struggle now I had to go all the way to the bottom left. that wouldn’t die because there’s. many people trying to kill me out here it’s when you’re this big of a mods  if everyone wants to kill you.


I’ve boosted. much to get away that . i’m  super it like I like a piece of spaghetti to be honest like . i’m . small. you beyond if this guy killed you right now be. pissed this little dude . i’m  Regina low let me messed up Oh me in the hell out of here I feel like all these guys are gonna try to kill me like this guy right here yeah if all you guys f all you guys bye-bye . i’m  gonna chop them all in all of you guys are all gonna get trapped in bye bye see you little dude you know they’re all dead I just dropped them all bye-bye little dudes I feel bad when you get when you get a pic on the little guys but you know you gotta do what you gotta do you gotta do what you gotta do survive leo jeez you know what I mean why don’t you go after the number one person pick on someone your own size t totally I gotta pick on the little dudes than I can get bigger off them that’s alright let’s see you get number one then there’s a little bit little there you go like a thing is little snake almost killed me . i’m  gonna go for number one in this episode. hopefully we can get it cuz a lot of hard work has been put into this. I shouldn’t be boosting right here but these guys do need to die. it’s gonna be really really hard to keep them . i’m  gonna go for this real quick if this is just free free little deliciousness this remember suppose you daddy slow. steady wins the race guys slow. steady oh my god you try to swerve everybody yours were slowly don’t be greedy don’t be guy . i’m  gonna kill do.


I don’t even know these guys like working together to perfectly go in mod here cuz it’s working out for them I wonder why I almost died shoot I want to find this person that’s number one. i’ll try to kill them yeah I believe in you babe I believe in ya you better these guys are really really really just like trying to survive here oh yeah that’s the point all I almost died I just killed someone I was. close to dying just now it’s crazy you cannot die like you have to get first . i’m  trying I can’t go yeah there we go he’s dead slithering him all the way up to greatness guys I gotta go all the way out. go all the way back. if they cannot eat this properly there we go no snake is full make your own sound effects I will be making my own sound effects this whole time oh god . i’m  gonna kill all these dudes right here hello these two dudes gonna chop the hell out of them goodbye someone’s trying to eat me that’s Slitherio mods  .  man by nexus. Angie . i’m  like cheese. she’s gonna go for that .

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whats up youtube  . If the guide  .   . I skin print is bringing you what y’all been asking for the longer  . I am bringing a complete platelet a pokemon go gym battle gameplay complete playlist  . I believe the playlist right up here for you can go ahead  .  click on that right here  .  watch nothing  .  straight content  .  pokemon go gameplay just for y’all just for y’all just real  . If you want to stay up to Dale every single upload please please please please make sure to subscribe to the channel always helps stay up to date  .  don’t forget to click the bell very important very very important in chico surveillance  .  you can just see every single video every single upload for pokemon gold gym dollars  .  like  . I said i’ma leave it right here is gonna be a car right there right there for you you can watch the whole entire playlist  .  just sit back  .  relax  .


If you’re already here on the playlist enjoy this is lights in print  .  the guy will see you in the video [Music] all right y’all hopping straight into it on the opposite team we are training this general we do have SP on earth during executor golden right on  .  of course the mining of the mall Gyarados Gyarados like  . I said has been go since day one since we didn’t believe very hard to get  .  st .  network to get now my team  . I have my two vaporeon with majority on my gyarados m . I Snorlax in my Alakazam  . I definitely thought that the SP on was going to do some actual damage  . I saw a cpu  . I was like man you know what CP he can’t matter that can it  .  it does even though it really does even in training okay even in training espeon  .


If you don’t know it has really good attack stat like phenomenal phenomenal that’s why  . I actually have it on my other team  . I don’t use it yet because it’s not leveled up yet  .  just not a high enough CP  .   . I was really surprised to see  . I was just going to do everything  . I was really afraid about ur Sr . I it being an o-type it being a Pokemon never went up again OOP pretty simple definitely it was cool executors executor they’re always hard to fight pokemon go hack generator  this –  pokemon go hack generator no survey android ios  this – and   they always have big charge news that you can either either it messes you up somehow or you just can’t figure out the timing or it just does a crowd of some damn it even when you dodged the golem  . I knew  . I was going that was easy okay that was absolutely easy  . I had to my two vaporeon my to vape orient come on man  . I was using the types of games on that water against brock congrats right on  . I was really confused on the right on  . I have brought out my vaporeon then at the same moment they got knocked out  . I bringing my Jo Geon  .  the type of vanity it just didn’t work out as well as  . I thought was going through  .  of course we  . I had to go up against a gear those gyarados either you’re attacking or defending is always a good pokemon a house  . I always suggest to click gyarados on your team especially when attacking it is attacking just so good especially  . If you have a really good charge move absolutely phenomenal phenomenal  .  that was the whole battle overall it was a good bout  . I couldn’t get to talk  . I was just training this gym just to see how it was fourteen thous .  god  . I really just wanted to just try out it’s an because this is the thing that  . I really do you want to stick with for now unpleasant you mainly the main team that  . I only have right now  .   . I really want to news the start at so  . I can go ahead  .  just level off all these pokemon  .  startups is just it just come by so fast  .  just goes away  .  I’m lying Wow ok so that’s that’s all that’s mainly the whole entire gym battle imma leave y’all with the gameplay hope y’all enjoy like  . I said I’m leave the whole playlist up there for y’all so y’all can watch every single gym battle video that  . I post  .  just enjoy  .  don’t forget to subscribe to be notified every single video that comes out on my channel  .  like  . I said  .  don’t forget to click the down click the bell that’s very important  . If you want to get every single notification of when  . I upload a video to this channel like  . I said y’all enjoy this is life in prince  .  the god is out .


If you have any questions about the tutorial or even about IVs in general go ahead  .  leave them in the comments as always thank you so much for watching  . I hope this was helpful  .  we’ll see you in the next episode this also opens up the possibility for a lot of things that people have been asking for like battles in game chat or even notifications speaking of notifications it was an app released today called pokeman notify  .  it sends you notifications at the pokemon that are nearby without having to have the pokemon Go app open the way that it works is you go in  .  you select which Pokemon you want to receive notifications about this is cool because this is something that we kind of expected would be a feature of the game to begin with  . I have a few issues with the way it works.