hey . .. i am here in New Hampshire .  I’m taking this little cute cabin here on the lake. it’s pretty nice. i mean. i don’t know if you’ve seen my other video but there is just some absolute madness going on. i bet some people here have a lot of stories from living here .  they’ve been telling me all kinds of crazy stories that you know at first it was like fun . . i was happy to hear their story it’s what now like terrified. i can’t wait to leave .  but that’s in my other video if you want to see it it’s just. crazy here .  I’m not even joking but i’m. glad that. i have you .  to talk to because. i was like you know. i need to take my mind off of all this ghosts .  powder normal activity .  just try to get back to just being myself .  um talking with you .  .  it’s like I’m like this just get back to let’s try to just get back to normal let’s just try to get back to having some fun or something great girls . . i am. happy though here in New Hampshire. i swear they have the most amazing coach outlet that. i have ever been to in my life .  it is just amazing the selection that they have at this coach is unbelievable even if you’re not really into coachman. i mean if you just love parses these persons are just. gorgeous at this coach here they just have the most beautiful selection . .. i was. lucky. i was able to stop in the other day . . i picked up some amazing coach items .  not only that but the prices at this coach outlet are just. inexpensive .  from what from other outlets I’ve been to. i mean. i have never seen such inexpensive coach items before .  wait till you see what. i got. i think you .  are definitely going to agree with me um when. i walked in the door they were like they had all the regular outlet prices .  then the sales associate that. i met she told me .  we’re having a sale today she said everything is fifteen percent off of the outlet price plus an additional fifty percent off. i am not joking if you live anywhere near New Hampshire .  your purse attic. i totally recommend coming here to this coach outlet because it is just amazing I’ve never experienced anything like it wait till you see what. i got let me show you let me get into it .  show you it ready.. i don’t know what to show you first. i got. much stuff because it was. unexpected. let me just grab these because these are the first thing . . i wanted these four ever look at this look at this watch can. i just say the boxes help feels amazing i’m not even joking the paper .  my god. i can tell you .  you underst.  this is this box feels amazing. i’ll use that for like everything make up whatever. um. i have one of these boots forever but to be honest they are a few hundred dollars . . I’ve never bought something before it’s never really you know. i don’t i’m always on a budget but wait to see these boots .  wait till. i tell you how much. i paid for them .  then you’ll be driving to New Hampshire just to get them .  look at these aren’t they gorgeous they have gold hardware .  they look exactly like the riding boat but they’re the rain boot .  they’re just. comfy .  they have the detailing on the back drop the .  aren’t these gorge. i don’t know if it’s just me but. i have one of these for at least four years can. i just tell you. i don’t even care these boots work forty dollars you can you believe that. i am um um. i am beyond in shock when the girl when the sales associate told me how much they were. i was like are you kidding me. i just couldn’t for like me believe it. i don’t know if it has the original right these are the Trisha two boats there’s no price level but. i know they’re there another forty dollars forty dollars for those boots .  my god can you believe it .  they’re. comfy I’m gonna try everything on at the end .  show you but um. i love them i’m. happy. i one of those whatever .  aren’t. i just picked our amazing. i love them happy. another thing. i got was this little coach now it could be a makeup bag that could be a clutch it’s huge it has. much room inside the leather feels. amazing. i mean it’s just muqdad these compartments I’m not sure you know what I’ll we use is for you could use this for your beauty products when you travel um the leather feels absolutely amazing the quality is amazing. i mean. i can’t even speak enough highly. i can’t even speak on how wonderful quality is that the leather is this the Saffiano leather I’m not sure from thing that right but it’s just amazing it feels it feels. luxurious it feels amazing .  this was twenty dollars it was .  my god fifty percent off of the outlet price .  another fifty percent off. i came out to twenty dollars. i mean. i don’t isn’t that amazing. i just came . . i I want to go out .