Coach Outlet – Which is the best one in The town?

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i have a something all about coach regular store h. bags versus bags made for the factory outlet most. you already know that the coach factory outlet has about ninety percent. the backs are specifically made for the outlet those are never intended for the regular coach retail store but about ten percent. the bags are coach . regular store bags from the past seasons or are not selling well my friend purchased three bags from the outlet as you can see from this bag this is a coach outlet shopping bag .  they give you um at the register she was nice enough to let me borrow them to make this video for you guys so. i hope you guys will enjoy it I’ll be right back .  take these bags out so these are the three bags that my friend purchased I’m just gonna tell you from the start at the left one this tan color leather bag is actually a discounted back from the regular coke store .  these two hear their factory outlet bags that are never intended for the coach regular retail store so now I’m going to talk about the first difference that you can tell these two kind. bags apart first. all the the coach outlet factory store bag have an F in the serial number .  that’s the easiest way go ahead .  show you where that is located so here’s the price tag you look at the left-h.  corner f25 292 so the f is for a factory outlet bag .  same thing with this bag when you look at the price tag right here f 487 98 .  when you look at this bag um it doesn’t have it it just has the numbers c24 202 so that’s actually the easiest way you can tell them apart .  also um the regular retail store bag has this logo here on the price tag .  the outlet bags just have this coach on the price tag so that’s the easiest way you can tell them apart so what if you purchase these bags from several seasons ago or several years ago .  you don’t have the price tag anymore well you can look at the inside. the bag so let me go ahead .  show you the inside has this leather plate here .  then right here it says whatever k-12 73 / 24 to 0 2 .  the to the dash 2 420 to is the part you need to look at .  as you can tell this bag clearly do not have the F here if it’s a factory outlet bag you will have the app here so let’s look at the other box this one did you see that the 813 73 f 25 292 so the app tells you that this is a factory outlet bag so that’s another way you can tell for these bags . Visit Clash Royale Hack  that alter my second point the regular store bags will have a dust bag inside so if you look at the inside you open it it will have this dust bag that comes with it so. i really. i personally. i really like these dust bags because they keep the back nice .  clean .  these two factory outlet bags they do not have a dust bag inside so now you want to ask the question. okay where where can. i find the regular store h. bags like where are they located in the factory outlet um so most. the discounted regular coach h. bags are placed together in one part. the store so you will notice lots. different h. bags one for each kind this is different from other parts. this store you can’t go to the outlet .  expect to find a certain style like if you have a certain style in mind chances are you’re not going to find it because it’s just whatever backs are from the past season .  usually there’s like only one for that kind. i went there .  solve this bag. i wonder were with her .  saw this bag .  we grabbed it because we know that this is probably the only one but h. bags are made for the factory outlet like these two they are available in larger quantities so they have a few. the bags on this play so there’s like maybe four. this one .  then four. this one on display so as soon as the facts are getting low like this one somebody grabbed three or something the employees will go to the back .  bring out more so now you’re asking so what’s the big deal well. i just think that the discounted regular coach h. bags when. i purchase them that’s called a bargain the factory outlet h. bags are discounted to start with um I’m just not feeling like I’m getting a good deal but according to the coach people is made. the same quality .  st. ard so that’s just me personally .  that’s why i’m doing this video to show you guys the differences between the two so with that um. i want to see. i want to say that I’m gonna see you next time . . i hope you find this video helpful .  happy shopping all right bye

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