hopefully gonna go back . . i hope. i could get presents for Christmas .  for my family .  things like that um. .  then. i got the matching back this is .  my god. i can’t even. i can’t eat it. i cannot even look at this it’s it’s unbelievably gorgeous again the quality of the leather if you will not tell you how much this bag is you’re not gonna believe it .  my god comes with a strap or you can wear it on your arm. i love it on my arm. i do love it on my arm but you know when you’re walking around the strap is awesome to like take the the weight off of your arm but look at all these compartments it is just beyond gorgeous this it feels amazing. i mean. i can’t even say. i was just actually hyperventilating what. i would have won the girl who’s telling me how much everything is . . i realized .  my god well this bag is originally 400 . . i got it for seventy dollars it looks just than. i have have. i have tried .  felt the Prada there’s a similar product like this this feels it’s not softer .  i’m sorry but. i think it feels better than the product. i felt the product. i went to the store because. i was like feel. i was wanting the product one the product stuffy a note but .  can you believe this in seventy dollars .  are you getting ready now to like make a road trip to New I’m sure just to come shopping. i mean. i was. i would come here again go sin off just to come shopping. i just couldn’t believe it . . i got some more stuff because it was. i got all this stuff .  wait till. i tell you the total price it was amazing it was. i couldn’t believe when the girl told me that sales subject.. i wanted. i am. i got a pair of sunglasses because. i could just can’t believe could not believe the pregnancy. these are the sunglasses. i got. i mean to me pisa looks exactly like the top board I’d love how they have that side like space the gap. i love that. i love the color. i love the gold hardware on the side says forty dollars. i am not joking they were originally like three something .  you believe that . . i love these they feel. light weight. i doubt. think about them. i love the gold trim on the side these are like more glamorous pair of sunglasses than one. i usually wear.. i also got another thing the last thing. i got.. i wound up getting this coach jacket it’s the quilted jacket .  it just looked. amazing. i had to have it was. inexpensive. it was originally almost 400 . . i got it .  it was like seventy dollars of this .  it’s just amazing that is everything. i got at the coach outlet .  . . i am. happy. i went there everything. i got it came out to something like two hundred fifty dollars for all of this amazing stuff.. i am going to just put everything on really quick .  show you how it looks um. i hope you .  get to go there if you ever live around here if you’re ever able to go on a little road trip for the day um because it’s worth it .  they had. many other nice things they had. many cute things that I’ve never seen anywhere else.. i wish they had a beautiful red bag they had this bag in black in of all different colors they had. many nice back that I’ve never seen at any coach anywhere. they have a great selection at that at that at this coach.. i would definitely you could come. i would definitely recommend it it’s. much stuff they had. much stuff here. thank you for watching my whole video I’m gonna show you everything keep watching I’m going to show you how the look comes together but. i love you .  . . i will talk to you soon bye hope you’re having a good summer it’s. cold here but it is summer. um hopefully where you are it’s warm. i’ll talk to you .  soon fine. I’m wearing the quilted coat the rain boots .  my new bag. i wish. i knew the name of the back but. i don’t have the name but here it is with the strap you can wear it with the strap the shoulder strap or on your arm. i like it both ways actually. i used to be. obsessed with it on my arm but. i am loving the strap lately jizz for that differ different look. the boots are super comfortable the back is very lightweight but it is just that amazing saffiano leather . .. i love how the waist of this quilted coat is a little bit fitted. it’s not as boxy as traditional quilted coats. it has a great fit .  it’s really warm but lightweight.. i love that you could wear in the fall the spring um even though it’s do now it’s a little bit cold here. it’s perfect for at the lake .  the boots are super comfy .  they have cushioning on the bottom like a very cushy heel. they’re extremely comfortable they fit true to size . . you don’t have to size that. thanks for watching